Check current odometer/hubometer reading does not exceed RUC end distance of ...

This vehicle requires a valid RUC license to legally be on the road. A RUC license is paid for in advance and expires after a certain mileage is reached.

Because we do not know the vehicles current odometer reading, you need to check that the odometer reading does not exceed the end distance of the RUC licence. If it does, then there are unpaid RUC fees that you will be liable to pay if you buy the vehicle.

Note: Sometimes the RUC distance is recorded from the vehicle's hubometer (on the axle) where as the odometer readings are taken from the odometer in the dashboard. This can result in the RUC distance appearing to be exceeded when it has not.

A new RUC can be purchased form any number of NZTA agents (for example VTNZ or NZ Post). RUCs can be purchased by distance (in units of 1000 km) or by date. To find out where to buy a RUC license, contact the Road User Charge helpdesk on freephonefreephone 0800 655 644.